Art Meets Technology

High-Resolution Digital Photos

Today’s high-resolution digital photographs are positively beautiful, with vivid color, amazing detail, and realism that can exceed that achieved with film cameras. Whatever your taste, whatever your style or your interests, you’re sure to find high-res photos in the Photo Gallery that are the perfect photographic artworks for your home or office.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Digital Photos

High Dynamic Range imaging is a new dimension in digital photography, delivering jaw-dropping detail in shadows, midtones and highlights alike – resulting in photographs that are almost surreal in appearance. HDR imaging involves a meticulous technique wherein multiple digital images of the same scene are shot at several different exposures to capture the detail in each tonal range, and then merged into a single image. The image is then ‘tone-mapped’ to bring this heightened range of light, contrast and color to the inkjet print. It’s a painstaking, time-intensive process, which is why you pay a higher price for HDR digital prints. But the results are breathtaking.


 The Printing

Only Epson professional-quality inkjet printers and Epson UltraChrome® inks are used to create photographic art prints. I'm as obsessive with printing them as I am about taking them. The print quality is outstanding, colors are accurate, and blacks are black. Epson K3 inks have been projected to last for up to 200 years before fading, if kept out of direct sun light.

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